About BAIUST Business Club

BAIUST Business Club is a student-run organization aimed at creating a community of students who will be able to create new projects in the future, work together as a team, and learn how to deal with business matters. Business Club aimed to stimulate students to think beyond the individual functions of a business and to understand the strategies that lead to sustained success over time. We prepare our members to enter the business world, by involving them in projects and activities and providing a link between students and companies. The Club formed in April 17, 2017.


BAIUST Business Club aimed to create a nation-wide network and community of professionally minded students and facilitates them to attain higher levels of performance and professional attitude. We want to keep getting better and better at what we do and achieve perfection. BAIUST Business Club key motto is “Your Vision, Our Future”


BAIUST Business Club inspires to discover business entrepreneurs through providing different types of extra co-curriculum activities related to current business affairs. Besides this, it also offers its members every possible opportunity and access to every bit of information that an individual needs to become a successful leader of the future.

Objectives of Business Club

To stimulate student’s interest in Business as a major.

The Club attempts to achieve this goal by making current and prospective students more fully aware of the many exciting and diversified career opportunities that a degree in Business can create for them. Business professionals are invited to speak at most monthly Club meetings in order to discuss their particular career or profession. The Club attempts to bring speakers in from several different fields in business during the year so that Club members get exposed to several different types of careers.

Relatedly, the Club plans to organize and hosts the programs which provide students with opportunities to visit with industry professionals on campus in order to learn more about careers.

To provide Business students with opportunities to develop their leadership skills

The Club attempts to achieve this goal through numerous positions of responsibilities that are assumed by Club members either as officers or committee members. Planning, organizing, decision making, working with others, and communicating are a few of the leadership skills that these positions require students to practice and demonstrate.

To recognize the accomplishments of outstanding Business students

The Club attempts to achieve this goal through the sponsorship of awards for outstanding members. Each year the Club presents an 'Outstanding Member' award to a freshman, sophomore, junior and senior. Each winner is presented with a framed certificate.

To foster a spirit of cooperation and unity among Business students, faculty, and others

The Club attempts to achieve this goal by providing members countless opportunities to work together in planning and carrying out numerous professional and social events during the year. Students take leadership roles on committees that organize and execute such activities as the fall 'welcome', the spring 'picnic', and other social events such as social and field trips this past year. Both students and faculty are invited to again encourage and promote student-faculty interaction.

Core Values

All members of Business Club will follow the core values (Integrity, Openness, Intellectual Curiosity, Commitment to Excellence, Self-Discipline, Sense of Responsibility, Diversity, and Respect for others) of BAIUST. Along with we will follow below core values to fit ourselves in the competitive world.


We have the courage to drive change in the face of uncertainty and adversity

Courage is the state of being that allows one to act with confidence, resolve and self-possession in the face of uncertainty and risk. One of our most important core values, courage can take many forms, such as leaving one's home country for the unknown challenge of earning an MBA, or the decision to walk away from a good job to chart an entirely new career.


We challenge ourselves and our community to uphold unwavering accountability in all of our intentions and actions

Accountability is the value that encourages our community to honestly assess our strengths and weaknesses, keep our commitments, and acknowledge and learn from our mistakes and successes.

Team Work

We believe that teamwork and collaboration are essential to success in academics, career, and life

The members of a team support one another, communicate effectively and challenge each other to strive for excellence. The output of a team is greater than the sum of its parts because it unifies strong initiatives and inspires its members to challenge conventional wisdom, ultimately realizing each member's greatest potential.

Activities of Business Club

Major tasks of BAIUST Business Club are given below:

•           Industrial tour.                               

•           Field work.

•           Seminar with experts.

•           Case competition.

•           Business Quiz competition.

•           Social Responsibilities such as Blood donation, winter clothes distribution.

•           Business Debate competition.

BAIUST Business Club will arrange at least two programs from the above-mentioned areas for per semester.