ENG-Faculty Members



Mohammad Ataullah Nuri
PhD Fellow (JU), M.Phil (CU)
BA(Hons), MA in English (CU)
Assistant Professor & Head of the Department.

Past Experiences: Senior Lecturer and Head of the Dept. (CBIU), Lecturer in English (UITS), 

Research Area: Ecocriticism, Post-colonialism, Literature in English, Wole Soyinka             

Professional Membership:
e-mail: ataullahnuri@baiust.edu.bd

Teaching Areas:                   

Introduction to English Literature     
Victorian Literature
Romantic Poetry
William Shakespeare
English Language

Laila Noor
MA in Applied Linguistics and ELT (CoU)
BA Honors in English (CoU)

Past Experiences: Lecturer in English, Cox's Bazar Int. University (CBI                                     

Research Area: Rapport, Linguistics, Teaching methodology, Feminism

Professional Membership:  

Teaching Areas:                   

Introduction to drama
William Shakespeare
History of English literature              
Social history of England
English Language, 

Four skills of communication


Tarin Binte Enam
MA in English (CoU)
BA Honors in English Language and Literature(CoU)

Research Area: Postcolonial Literature, Gender Studies, Diaspora Literature, Race & Ethnicity.

Professional Membership:  

Teaching Areas:                   

Four Skills of Communication           
Old English Literature
20th Century Literature
Victorian Literature
Romantic Literature


Kana Das
MA in English (CU)
BA Honors in English (CU)                                                                                        

Research Area: South Asian Classics

Professional Membership:  
e-mail: kd.enlit@gmail.com

Teaching Areas:                   

Language (Basic Skills)                        
Greco-Roman Epic Poetry
Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama


Md. Habibur Rahman
MA in Applied Linguistics and ELT (JU)
BA (Hons) in English (JU)


Research Area: ELT (English Language Teaching), Applied Linguistics
e-mail: habibur@baiust.edu.bd

Teaching Areas:

Phonetics and Phonology

Communication skills (four basic skills)

ELT and Teacher’s education

American fiction