Department of CSE

Golam Moktader Nayeem

Associate Professor (On study leave)
Phone: 01717293250

Golam Moktader Nayeem received his M.Sc. Degree in Computer Science and Information technology from Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Bangladesh in 2008 and B. Sc. Degree in Computer and Communication Engineering (ECE) from International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC), Bangladesh in 2005. Currently Mr. Nayeem is pursuing his higher study at Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET). ,
In 2015, he joined as a founding faculty in the department of Computer Science and Engineering, BAIUST. He has more than 10 years of experience in University Teaching. Before that he worked as a faculty member in the Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering (ECE), Southern University Bangladesh more than eight years. His current research interests are in Mobile Cloud Computing, Pervasive Computing, Computer Networks, Network Protocols, Cryptography, Collaborative Pervasive Networks and Data Mining.

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2. A new efficient Approach for Peer-to-Peer FileSearching in Mobile Ad-hoc Network, Golam Moktader Nayeem, Muhammad Mizanur Rahman, Golam Moktader Daiyan, International Journal of Computer Science Issues, (IJCSI), Volume 9, Issue 2, March 2012. ,
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4. An Efficient Key Agreement Scheme for Infrastructure LessWireless Network (ILWN), Golam Moktader Nayeem, Ataur Rahman Khan and Dr. M. A. Mottalib, International Conference on Informatics, Electronics & Vision 2012 (ICIEV12), Dhaka.,
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PhD (Continue, CUET), MSc in CIT (IUT),