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Imtiaz Ahmed Sajal

Lecturer & Programme Coordinator
Phone: 01520100723

Imtiaz Ahmed Sajal is currently serving as a Lecturer in Law at the Bangladesh Army International University of Science and Technology (BAIUST), Cumilla Cantonment. After completing higher secondary education, he chose to study Law at the country’s pioneering law school– Department of Law, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. From the very beginning of his journey at the University of Dhaka, Sajal was engaged in human rights and environmental activism with different student-led and civil society organizations in campus and beyond. His engagement with causes of marginalized and deprived sections of the people persuaded him to be a public interest lawyer. At that time Sajal was regularly contributing in the Law pages of the Daily Star & the Daily Observer and the Bulletins of Ain o Salish Kendra on human rights, environment and other contemporary legal issues. From June 2014 to December 2015 he worked with Centre for Climate justice- Bangladesh (CCJ-B) as a research intern.  Immediately after completing his LLB in February 2016, he started working with the American Center for International Labor Solidarity (Bangladesh Country Office) as a legal research intern.

After that, in July 2016 Sajal took admission in South Asia’s most competitive LLM programme in international law at South Asian University, New Delhi, India with the esteemed President’s Scholarship. During his studies at South Asian University, he got exposed to different theoretical approaches to international law and most notably with the Third World Approaches to International Law (TWAIL). Through these, he got the insights on the past, present and future of making and shaping of international law. He came to know about the beauty of challenging existing knowledge or resistance to the existence and exploring the viability towards the creation of new knowledge. All these persuaded him to be an academician on international law. In summer 2017, Sajal participated at the ‘WIPO-Korea Summer School on IP’ at Daejeon, the Republic of Korea with WIPO scholarship. In that summer he also worked with Enviro-Legal Defence Firm (ELDF), New Delhi as an intern. In summer 2018 after completing his LLM, Sajal took part in the ‘2018 Xiamen Academy of International Law Summer Program’ and ‘2018 XMU International Summer School of Intellectual Property’ at the Xiamen University, China with full scholarships. After that, Sajal served as a Lecturer in Law at Uttara University (Dhaka, Bangladesh) from January to February 2019. Currently, he is serving as an honorary Co-Editor-in-Chief of Bangladesh Law Digest (BDLD). Sajal is determined to be an academician and a lawyer and would like to contribute to his country and Global South as a whole through his research and advocacy. 

Journal Articles

1. Imtiaz Ahmed Sajal, ‘Bangladesh Biological Diversity Act 2017: An Appraisal’ as a country report on Bangladesh in IUCN Academy of Environmental Law e-Journal, (2018) ISSUE 9, pp 132-141 <> accessed 03 March 2019.

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Conferences Papers

1. On ‘Contributions of Third World Judges in the Jurisprudence of International Law: A Glance at the International Court of Justice’, presented in the Second Academic Salon of 2018 Summer Program of the Xiamen Academy of International Law held on 27 July 2018 at Xiamen, Fujian, China.

2. On ‘Protection of Goods with Traditional and Intangible Cultural Orientations under Geographical Indications Legal Framework: The Case of Bangladesh’, presented in 2018 XMU International Summer School of Intellectual Property, held on 15 July 2018, Xiamen, Fujian, China.

3. On ‘The Standard of Pharmaceutical Patent Protection in WTO Law and Options for the LDCs: The Context of Bangladesh’s Pharmaceutical Industry' presented in the ‘National Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights: Issues and Challenges’, held on 19th January 2018 at School of Law, Sharda University, Greater Noida (Delhi -NCR), India.

4. On ‘Climate Change Induced Migration: Regional Mechanism and Cooperation under SAARC’, presented in ‘International Seminar on Governance, Human Rights and Regional Cooperation in South Asia: Opportunities and Challenges of Globalization’ held on April 19-20, 2017 at Jamia Millia Islamia (Central University), New Delhi.

5. On ‘Rampal Power Project in Bangladesh: Interplay between Environment, Investment and Politics’, presented in ‘International Conference on Envisioning Our Common Future’ held on 22-23 December 2016 at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

6. On ‘Legal Protection for the Victims of Climate Change in the Coastal Zones of Bangladesh’, presented in ‘International Integrative Research Conference on Governance in Transition: Perspectives and Practices’ held on 18-19 December 2015 at BARD, Cumilla, Bangladesh.

7. ‘Common People's Access to the Environment Courts of Bangladesh: An Appraisal’ in the International Interdisciplinary Conference on Ecocriticism, Environmental Justice and Literature. Organized by ASLE Bangladesh Planning Committee and EMK Center, held on 07-08 August 2015 at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

LLM (In International Law)

Faculty of Legal Studies, South Asian University, New Delhi, India.

PGD (In Human Rights, International Humanitarian and Refugee Law)

Indian Academy of International Law and Diplomacy, ISIL, New Delhi, India.

PGD (In International Environmental Law)

Indian Academy of International Law and Diplomacy, ISIL, New Delhi, India.

LLB (Hons)

Department of Law, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.