Department of Business Administration

Muhammad Shajib Rahman

Lecturer of accounting
Phone: 01815440235

1. Former Lecturer - Dhaka International University

2. Former Research associate - Tobacco Control & Research Cell at DIU

3. Former Lecturer - Institute of Science Trade & Technology

1. Efficiency of Stock Market: A case study on some selected Companies in DSE, has been published by Islamic University Studies, Part C, Vol-12, No.1&2 July 2016 to June 2017.

2. Management of Cost in Evaluating Financial Performance: A Study of listed Pharmaceuticals Companies in DSE Ltd.” paper has been published by “The Comilla University Journal of Business Studies”Vol,3,No.1.

3. An analysis of the Levels of “Employee Satisfaction of Janata Bank Limited: Some Observations” by Journal of Management (JOM).Volume 5, Issue 5, September – October 2018, pp. 172–183, Article ID: JOM_05_05_017. Journal Impact Factor (2016): 2.4352 (Calculated by GISI) ISSN Print: 2347-3940 and ISSN Online: 2347-3959 © IAEME Publication.

4. Cost audit: Prospects and Challenges and some observations in the context of Bangladesh by The institute Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh. The cost and management, ISSN 1817-5090, volume-46, number-06, November-December 2018.

5.Employee Satisfaction of Janata Bank Limited: Some observations, by Journal of Dhaka International University.ISSN:2077-0111. Vol.9, No.1, June, 2017, pp-67-83.

6. Corporate Governance Disclosure in Banking Sector: Some Observation from Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) paper has been accepted by Journal of Business Studies, PUST
ISSN 2410-8170, Vol.1 No.2, November 2018.

BBA and MBA (CoU)

Accounting & Information Systems