Department of English

Laila Noor

Assistant Professor

Past Experiences: Lecturer in English, Cox's Bazar Int. University (CBI                                     
Research Area: Rapport, Linguistics, Teaching methodology, Feminism

Teaching Areas:                   

Introduction to drama
William Shakespeare
History of English literature              
Social history of England
English Language,

Four skills of communication

1. Laila Noor, “The Impact of Variables in Developing Speaking Skill at the Tertiary Level Students in Bangladesh”, International Journal of English Language, Literature in Humanities, vol.6, no. 6, 2018

2. Laila Noor, “Teacher’s Rapport in developing Learners’ Motivation for English Speaking Skills at the Tertiary Level in Bangladesh ”, The Comilla University Journal of Arts, vol.3, no. 3, Accepted, To be published by 2019.

MA in Applied Linguistics and ELT (CoU)
BA Honors in English (CoU)