Department of Law

About LLB

Department of Law at Bangladesh Army International University of Science & Technology (BAIUST) started its journey in September 2018. The Department of Law is committed to provide quality education and also strive to instil moral values into the students. Law is much more than principles and provisions-it is about justice, equity and fairness as well as the values around which societies organized themselves through orderly institutions. Law is also intertwined with the economy, development, business and the emerging globalized order. For a jurist, the law does not exist in a vacuum and law is very closely related to and interacts with other social forces and issues and as a social engineer, a law student has to act and to react with/against these social forces and issues. Hence, a law student at the BAIUST Department of Law will also take up subjects from other disciplines.

At a Glance

Faculty                  : Science and Humanities

Programme           : Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

Duration                : 4 Years (8 Semesters)

Total Credits         : 136

Major in                : Law

Aim: 'To the Romans, Justice was a goddess whose symbols were a throne that tempests could not shake, a pulse that passion could not stir, eyes that were blind to any feeling of favour or ill will, and the sword that fell on all offenders with equal certainty and with impartial strength.' Now, Justice-in the name of Rule of Law is a sine-qua-non for the maintenance of peace and tranquillity in a given polity. Moreover, in a society advancing rapidly, it is the law that gives the lead to society and places before it ideals and values to which people should conform. Recognizing BAIUST's background, BAIUST's commitment and goal, the Department of Law would endeavour and strive to impart education to seek the legal solution that respects social, cultural and aesthetic needs of the people and prepare tomorrows lawyers to meet the challenges of the new millennium and the realities of globalization.


a. To give students an understanding of the basic law subjects and general principles of law that is essential for every law graduate and lawyer,

b. To provide students with training in the basic skills essential for every lawyer, including analysis, research, writing, advocacy, skill training, problem-solving, mooting and simulation.

c. To give students an appreciation of the role of law and lawyers in their own society and in the global community that will better equip them to deal with the challenges of globalization,

d. To equip the students with the necessary qualifications to apply for enrollment with Bar Council, to become judges or to become legal practitioners in various field; and

e. To build the law students as informed and morally sound citizens who will contribute to the development of the country.


Career Scope: The degree offers students the opportunity for pursuing careers in the world of law, either as a lawyer, judge, legal advisers etc.


Program Duration: The schedule of the program will be as following:

a. BAIUST introduces two semesters (each semester of 6 month) in an academic year. Therefore, the whole program can be completed in 8 semesters (i.e. 4 years).