Additional Certification courses for graduating students

Date : 2019-07-31

Besides academic courses students of the following departments are also having some additional courses. This courses will help them compete in the job market. BAIUST offers this courses to all students of a particular department. Students will also receive additional certificates along with their academic certificates. This certifications will help them in the job field in various ways. The additional certifications that the departments provide are:

Department of CSE:

1. Redhat Certification
2. Graphics Design Certification
3. Game Development Certification
4. Web Development Certification

Department of EEE:
1. Training on PLC, VFD & HMI
2. Workshop on IC designing & verification using FPGA
3. Training on Micro-Controller and basic robotics
4. Workshop on ‘Raspberry Pi’
5. Training on Air Conditioner installation, maintenance & repair

Department of DBA: